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NTI's Authorised Repair Network is designed to meet any repair need, no matter where you are. Our network of trusted Premium and Local Repairers is rapidly expanding across Australia, with up to 30 potential repairers nationwide. We are confident your repair can be done close to home!

NTI Authorised Repairers 

What is the difference between repairers in the network?

Premium Repairers 

  • Heavy and light repairs
  • Specialists in major mechanical and structural repairs
  • Can complete repairs up to 9 days faster than competitors*
  • Large workshops with specialist equipment to complete any job under one roof
  • Premium Repairers are represented on the repair council
  • Involvement with NTI Parts.
  • Auto authorisation on any NTI repairs (prior to assessment)
  • Relationships with OEM partners

*based on independent research conducted in 2020.

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Local Repairers 

  • Specialists in light repairs
  • Smaller local repairers that are closer to base. 
  • Involvement with NTI Parts
  • Auto authorisation on any NTI repairs (prior to assessment)
  • Relationships with OEM partners

Find a Local Repairer

All of our repairers are trusted by NTI and provide:

Instant repair authorisation

All of our repairers have authority to start work instantly on your vehicle or equipment without assessment which can reduce your time off road.

Genuine parts

All of our repairers will use genuine manufactured parts. 

Lifetime guarantee

All authorised repairs workmanship comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Choosing an NTI Authorised Repairer

When it comes to choosing an authorised repairer you have two options:

  1. Premium Repairers are specialised in all vehicle and equipment repairs which means all jobs can be completed under one roof. 
  2. Local Repairers have a little less specalisation but can still complete the same job to the highest level (they could also be closer to you!)

Find out more about about Premium and Local Repairers:

Premium Repairers  Local Repairers

Do you think you could be an NTI repairer?

Simply fill out the form below and one of our friendly team will give you a call to discuss your eligibility.

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